Prof. Dr. Vladimír Patráš, PhD. – a linguist, university teacher, co-founder and member of the Banská Bystrica School of Sociolinguistics (Matej Bel University,  Slovakia). In his scientific, pedagogic and publishing activities both at home and abroad he deals with human communication through the visor of general, comparative and systemic linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmalinguistics and the theory of communication. His dominant interest lies in the interdisciplinary research of communication in society, focused on the language – i.e. the field of spoken (oral) language, communication within various micro-communities based on common interest or profession, in the mass media, politics and electronic environment. He is also oriented to the language style and stylistics of fiction and non-fiction, practical rhetorics, managerial and pedagogic communication, Slovak as a foreign language, as well as the language-communication substance and mission of information and communication technology.He has given lectures at Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, universities in Košice, Trnava, Karviná, Olomouc and Prague. He has maintained professional contacts with several scientific schools and academic institutions, and presented the results of his investigations at local and foreign scientific forums (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Serbia). Author and co-author of 5 books, 15 textbooks and workbooks on Slovak language for elementary schools, the author of 85 scientific studies, tens of scholarly manuscripts, compiler, or  co-compiler of 30 scientific, scholarly and art publications. Active participant in 75 national and international scientific forums. Chief solver and co-solver of 5 scientific projects. Author and co-author of 7 university study programmes.Publications: author of the books: Interdisciplinárne kooperácie (Interdisciplinary Co-operations) (2002); Sociolingvistické aspekty elektronicky podmienenej komunikácie/ Sociolinguistic Aspects of Electronically Determined Communication (2009); Pohotové čítanie a myšlienkové spracovanie textu (Efficient Reading and Mental Processing of the Text) (2011); co-author of the books: Jazyk – komunikácia – spoločnosť (Language – Communication – Society) (1997); Jazyk v komunikácii vybraných spoločenských prostredí (Language in Communication of Selected Social Environments) (1999); S. Čmejrková – J. Hoffmannová (eds.) (2003); Jazyk, média, politika (Language, Media, Politics), and others (for more detail see the profile, e.g. at http://www.osobnosti.sk).