Milorad Radovanović, Ph.D., Professor of General Linguistics at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia): Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics.  

Born in Belgrade 1947. B.A. in South Slavic linguistics from the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Philosophy) in 1970. M.A. in linguistics from the University of Belgrade  (Faculty of Philology) in 1972 (thesis on syntax and semantics). Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Philosophy) in 1976 (thesis: The Noun as Condenser of Sentence Meaning). Attended Summer School of Russian (Saint Petersburg, Russia) in 1970, and Summer Linguistic Institute of the Linguistic Society of America (Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.) in 1975. Research and teaching interests: general linguistics, linguistic theory, syntax and semantics, sociolinguistics, language planning, Standard Serbian, and South Slavic linguistics. From 1970 assistant lecturer at the Department of South Slavic Languages, from 1977 assistant professor, from 1981 associate professor, and from 1986 full professor of General Linguistics at the Institute for South Slavic Languages (=Department of Serbian & General Linguistics), Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. Visiting Professor  at the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, U.S.A.) in 1988/1989. University courses: Introduction to Linguistics, General Linguistics, Syntax & Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Rhetoric, Theory of Language Planning, Topics in the Structure of Standard Serbian. Membership in the Linguistic Society of America and Societas Linguistica Europaea. Editorial board member of Zbornik Matice srpske za filologiju i lingvistiku, Anali, Jezik danas, Studije o Srbima (Novi Sad), and the Series Linguistic & Literary Studies in Eastern Europe (John Benjamins, Amsterdam / Philadelphia, 1984-1994). Consulting editor in Linguistics Abstracts (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1985-). Member of the Committee for Sociolinguistics of the International Committee of Slavicists. Serbian co-orditator of the project Standard Serbian (1985-1995), and of the international project The Modern History of Slavonic Languages: 1945-1995 (1992-1998). Guest lecturer at many universities in Europe, Japan and USA. Participated in many international congresses and conferences on general linguistics, sociolinguistics, language planning and Slavic linguistics. Author of some 300 papers and studies on sociolinguistics, language planning, syntax & semantics, linguistic theory, and Standard Serbian. Published in (ex-) Yugoslavia, United States, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Russia, Poland, Slovakia. Most important books in Serbian: The Noun as Condenser (Novi Sad 1978), Sociolinguistics I (Belgrade 1979), Sociolinguistics II (Novi Sad 1986), Sociolinguistics III (Novi Sad 2003), Essays on Syntax & Semantics (Novi Sad 1990), Essays on Contextual Linguistics (Novi Sad 1997), Language Planning (Novi Sad 2004), Old & New Essays on Language and Mind (Novi Sad 2007), Introduction to Fuzzy Linguistics (Novi Sad 2009). Edited and introduced in Serbian: Noam Chomsky – Syntactic Structures (Novi Sad 1984). Translated into Serbian, edited and introduced: Dell Hymes – Foundations in Sociolinguistics (Belgrade 1980), J. L. Austin – How  to Do Things with Words (Novi Sad 1994), C. K. Ogden & I. A. Richards – The Meaning of Meaning (Novi Sad 2001). Edited and introduced: Yugoslav General Linguistics (John Benjamins, Amsterdam / Philadelphia 1989), History and Perspectives of Language Study (coed., John Benjamins, Amsterdam / Philadelphia 2000); Serbian Sociolinguistics (coed., International Journal of the Sociology of Language 151, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin / New York 2001). Editor of the Complete Writings of Pavle Ivić – edited and introduced The Serbian People & Its Language 2001 (in Serbian; Novi Sad 1991-). Edited in Serbian: Serbian Language & Serbian Language at the End of the Century (Belgrade / Opole – Poland 1996), Semantic Explorations of the Serbian Language (coed., Belgrade 2008), Sreten Marić: On Language & Linguistics (Belgrade 2008), Linguistics by Milka Ivić (coed., Belgrade 2008), Gerhard Neweklowsky: On Serbian and South-Slavic Themes (coed., Belgrade / Novi Sad 2010), Тheory of Diachronic Linguistics and the Study of Slavic Languages (coed., Belgrade 2010). Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Bigraphy and Bibliography: Годишњак САНУ CXI, Београд, 2005 (for 2004), 657-684, CXX, 2014 (for 2013), 391-400; Зборник Матице српске за филологију и лингвистику 55/1, Нови Сад, 2012, 9-52.