Marián Sloboda graduated in linguistics, phonetics and Slavic studies from Charles University, Czechia (MA 2003, PhD 2011). He is an assistant professor at the Department of Central European Studies, where he teaches courses on sociolinguistics and the Slovak language.

His research interests lie in the branch of sociolinguistics inspired by ethnomethodological sociology. He is also interested in geosemiotics and linguistic landscape research. He has carried out fieldwork in Czechia, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Lusatia and Wales. His work there has focused on various aspects of language diversity and multilingualism (such as language shift, code-switching and intercomprehensibility of Slavonic languages). As a member of a research group based at Charles University, he is also involved in the work on the theory and practice of language management (

He is a co-author of Multilingualism in the Czech Republic (NLN, Prague, 2009) and a co-editor of Sociolinguistic Transition in Former Eastern Bloc Countries (Peter Lang, 2016). He serves on the editorial board of the Sociolinguistic Studies journal and is a co-editor of the book series Jazyk, společnost, interakce (Language, Society and Interaction), published in Prague (

Outside academia, he was active in the Government Council for National Minorities, an advisory body of the Czech Government on the issues of national minorities and minority languages, and is a member of the advisory board of MigraceOnline, a website on migration in Czechia and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe (

 E-mail: marian.sloboda(at)