Prof. Dr. Larysa Masenko graduated from Philological Faculty (Ukrainian language and literature department) of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University in 1964; she holds a Candidate's Degree in Linguistics since 1972 and a Doctor's Degree in Linguistics since 2006; full Professor since 2007.

From 1964 to 1991 she worked in the Institute of Linguistics, the National Academy of Science (NAS) of Ukraine; from 1991 to 1996, in the Institute of the Ukrainian Language, the NAS of Ukraine. Since 1996 she worked in the National Taras Shevchenko University, where she was a senior lecturer until August 2001. Since August 2001 till now she has been working as Head of the Ukrainian language department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Larysa Masenko defended her candidate thesis Hydrologic Names in the basin of Northern Bug (1972) at the Institute of Linguistics, the NAS of Ukraine; her doctoral thesis Ukrainian Language in the Sociolinguistic Aspect (2005) at the Institute of Ukrainian Language, the NAS of Ukraine.

Larysa Masenko's research interests are the history of the Ukrainian literary language, stylistics, and sociolinguistics.

She is the author of more than 200 publications and such scholarly books as Hydrologic Names of Eastern Podillia (1979), Ukrainian Names and Surnames (1990), Language and Politics (1999, sec. edit. 2004), Language and Society (2004), Language Situation in Kyiv 2001, in co-authorship with H. Zalizniak).

Larysa Masenko is a co-author of such monographs as Complicated Questions of Modern Ukrainian Orthography (1980), The History of the Ukrainian Language, Vocabulary and Phraseology (1983), Genres and Styles in the Ukrainian Literary Language History (1989).

She is one of the collective authors of dictionaries Hydrologic Names of Ukraine (1979) and Etymological Dictionary of Geographical Names of Southern Rus (1985).

Larysa Masenko is the editor of Selected Works by P. Zhytetskyi (1987) and Selected Works. Part 1. Linguistics byY. Shevelyov (2008).

She has been studying the problems of sociolinguistics since 1989. L. Masenko studies the language situation in Ukraine, questions of functioning and the state of the modern Ukrainian language in terms of the mass Ukrainian-Russian bilingualism, functioning of the mixed speech, and the specificity of the Soviet language policy in Ukraine and its consequences.

Some of Masenko's works in sociolinguistics are Language and Politics; Language and Society: a postcolonial dimension (a Polish translation in 2008); Language Situation in Kyiv: the present day and future (in co-authorship with Hanna Zalizniak), (U)movna (U)kraina, The language of the Soviet totalitarianism (2017).

She edited, compiled, and wrote the foreword for the collected volume The Ukrainian Language in the 20th Century: the history of linguocide. Documents and materials (2005).

During 2006-2008 L. Masenko took part in the international project Language Policy in Ukraine: anthropological and linguistic aspects and further perspectives, financed by INTAS. Its outcomes were published in 2008 as the monograph Language Policy and Language Situation in Ukraine. Analysis and recommendations, where L. Masenko is the author of the chapter Language Situation in Ukraine: sociolinguistic analysis.